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Get the Help You Need.

95% of mothers in the U.S. want to breastfeed.

33% of mothers in the U.S. are breastfeeding their 3 month-old.

13% of mothers in the U.S. are breastfeeding their 6 month-old

3 Keys to Success

  • Education before your baby arrives
  • Get help EARLY
  • Prepare for the transition back to work

As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) with 3 years of experience at Evergreen Hospital in Seattle, Dr. Joy is very knowledgeable in the common challenges of breastfeeding in the first few weeks and beyond.

Therefore, Dr. Joy offers home visits for mothers with challenges in breastfeeding their newborns and office visits for moms and babies of any age needing assistance with breastfeeding.

Myth: Breastfeeding becomes natural.  It will happen on its own.

The sooner we can help with a breastfeeding concern, the better we will be able to serve you!

Call us as soon as your baby fails to latch and nurse well for at least 20 minutes, 8-12 times per day and/or fails to have plenty of wet and poopy diapers.  If this happens on Day 1, call us on Day 1!  We can come to your home or the hospital.  We typically spend 1-2 hours on the first visit in order to get the baby appropriately breastfeeding and give you a plan to continue.  For babies older than 6 weeks, we offer office visits for any breastfeeding concerns.

We have solutions to these common problems:

  • Difficult latch
  • Sore or damaged nipples
  • Poor newborn weight gain
  • Engorgement
  • Inadequate milk supply
  • Preemies
  • Twins
  • Back to work
  • Plugged ducts
  • Mastitis

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 International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners:

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Breastfeeding Workshops

In addition to consulting, Dr. Joy offers breastfeeding workshops several times throughout the year.  These workshops are available to mothers and fathers-to-be.  Contact Dr. Joy for information on the next upcoming workshop.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why breast is best-the benefits for baby AND mom
  • Proper latch and positioning
  • How you know your baby is getting enough
  • How to prevent/manage sore and damaged nipples
  • Expectations on day one through 2 weeks
  • How to get the support you need (and decline what you don’t need)
  • When to ask for professional help
  • Breastfeeding manual provided!
  • Please bring your partner!



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