Summer Babies and Helping Hands!

We  were so happy to welcome some really sweet summer babies this year! Congratulations to all of the families, and a big thank you to Beka and Joy for helping ensure all moms and babies were well taken care of.

The month of June witnessed the arrival of Sage, who surely took her time, and boy was her mom relieved when she finally got here! Hannah was patient and oh so brave when it came to birthing her first child. Phew, what a long, tough labor!  Sage was welcomed with love by her mom, dad, and grandparents. Then things got a little busy in August when my three clients decided to have their babies on the same weekend!

Midwives often get the question “what happens if I’m in labor at the same time as another client?”. Our answer usually includes the observation that two women giving birth at the same time just doesn’t happen very often. Well, as made evident this summer, sometimes it does! As it turned out, every one received the support and care they needed, and one sleepy midwife was able to get a couple extra hours of rest before heading to the next birth, knowing that the mom in labor was attended to by a sweet and helpful midwife. That same sleepy midwife was also able to spend the morning with her children who had wondered where their dear mom had been for three days, all the while feeling at ease because a couple of new babies were being checked on by another super sweet and helpful midwife. As always, these births taught me many lessons, and I am so grateful to have shared the experience of childbirth with such wonderful families. It truly is a joy to witness birth! Welcome Sage, Cayla, Kenton, and Kristilyn!

With love,

Here are a few moments from baby Sage’s big day-