Welcome Baby Alana

IMG_2004 4x6

Alana’s parents welcoming her into their family

Alana was born in the water on a cool night in May into the loving arms of her mother and father.  Her sister Cailey was woken up just minutes before the birth and witnessed her baby sister’s arrival.  After Cailey snuggled in bed with her family she miraculously allowed the doula/birth photographer to put her back to bed!

Anna’s first labor was quite long and we were inspired to do our first blog post on perseverance on account of that birth.  During this labor, which was quite short, Anna exhibited incredible grace and strength in the midst of the intensity of birth.

As another example of Anna and Josh’s patience and trust in the process of birth, Baby Alana had a lotus birth.  This is where the cord is never cut, but falls off from the baby’s belly button when it has dried and is ready with the placenta still attached (preserved and drying in salt and herbs).  We were so honored to be your midwives!


Joy, Annie, and Beka