Welcome Eleanor “Ellie” Mae!

Congratulations to Sam and Rachel on the birth of their beautiful daughter Ellie Mae! Ellie was born at 10 in the morning on 11/15/16, just in time for Thanksgiving. EllieBusskohl1Her arrival into the world gave her parents and extended family much to be grateful for!

Rachel you did such a beautiful job through labor and during Ellie’s birth! You and Sam were so calm and supportive of each other and created a lovely, peaceful environment to welcome a baby. We are so happy for you guys!EllieBusskohl2

Ellie was a little early, but was so healthy and strong right from the start. She nursed right away and is a thriving, beautiful baby girl!

EllieBusskohl5Thank you guys for allowing us to be a part of this journey with you… it has been an honor.EllieBusskohl4

Love and Blessings,

Beka, Joy and Annie