Welcome Luciano Salvatore!

Maddalena Angelo and baby Luciano

Most of the time women know just what they need in labor and they will tell you with or without words if you are listening.  Maddalena knew just what she needed to birth her baby gracefully on a beautiful summer morning in the privacy of the birth tub in her bedroom.


Angelo was a constant support to Maddalena during this much quicker yet quite intense second labor.  It is so important to be with women through the tough parts of labor where fear and pain can be overwhelming.





cropped M and A water birth

Just being there, without fixing anything is reassuring to women as they navigate through those hard places and birth their babies.  Labor is such a great metaphor for parenthood.  If all parents had someone to be there in support through all the tough spots, children and parents would experience less stress.



Angelo and LucianoWe are so honored to have walked through this special time with Angelo and Maddalena and their second baby Luciano!



Joy, Beka and Annie