Hello Lorelai!

I immensely enjoyed taking care of Casey and her family for their prenatal care, birth, and postpartum/newborn care. My VBAC clients are very special to me as we spend a lot of time prenatally preparing for vaginal birth and healing any birth trauma that may have taken place in the past. Casey was always eager to do everything she could to educate herself! Casey and David took a home birth childbirth Education class taught by Beka Blythe and Annie Rotondi. She did her own research on optimal fetal positioning beyond what I had shared with her and did all the preparation for birth that anyone ever could. Casey kept herself very healthy physically and mentally during her pregnancy.

I was so excited when she was in labor before her due date and having contractions at home and tolerating them just fine. Casey labored beautifully in the comfort of her own home. Her labor was not textbook and so we tried many things to encourage baby in a better position and encourage more progressive contractions. Casey was up for it all with a great attitude! After 12 hours it was me, Casey’s midwife that wanted to make sure labor was progressing. Casey was content to just keep on keeping on!

Sometimes things are just out of our control and though we had tried all our tools and tricks labor was actually not progressing. This was the point at which I was most impressed with Casey’s strength. She cried. She felt her disappointment. Then she made the best decision for her and her family. We went to Mercy and we asked for a C-section before Casey or baby were stressed. We had a wonderful OB who took great care of Casey and her C-section and recovery went very smoothly. She had her sweet baby girl in arms as soon as possible.

Thank you Casey and David for being such wonderful clients. I’m touched by your big open hearts and all the love you have for your sweet family!