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Midwifery Testimonials


After having our first son at home in AZ, we knew without a doubt we would do the same for the birth of our second in CO. Luckily, we found Joy who, having just been on maternity leave herself, graciously agreed to help us usher our little one earthside. She was easy to work with and we felt very comfortable putting our trust in her, although we weren’t sure she could fly fast enough from Durango to Cortez to catch our baby in time. Little did we know, she has special midwife powers and made it to us with time to spare! Beka, Joy’s midwife apprentice, was a very special part of our experience too. Both were wonderful coaches, giving just the right amount of TLC, and allowing time and space for nature to take its course. For that we are so grateful and you will forever be in our hearts. Thank you!!
-Trena M. and Urulu Y.




IMG_5685I spent the first 3 months of my pregnancy supported by a hospital setting, and transitioning to working with Annie after that time felt like a shockingly beautiful breath of fresh air. I felt so held by the warmth and personal connection I felt in Annie’s care, which I have felt throughout the experience of pregnancy, birth, and early motherhood. I was initially attracted to working with Annie because of her contagious sense of grounded ease. I felt this calm support from her throughout all of our interactions, which proved to help me relax into and enjoy the entire process. She also has an obvious deep well of expertise and knowledge surrounding birth and motherhood. This allowed me to surrender my need for control into her hands, while I simultaneously felt empowered to exercise my strength and express my needs. Annie is not the type to get in the way or force her opinion; I would imagine that clients of every kind of background would feel equally supported. At the same time, it was really wonderful to not have to overthink and consult the internet on every little decision. I so deeply trusted Annie’s values and knowledge that I could easily depend on her advice. I looked giddily forward to our appointments, and I would guess that other expectant mothers feel the same. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a midwife, and hope that many more women are able to experience her capable support.




When I found out I was pregnant with my second child I knew immediately I wanted to have a home birth with Beka. Finances were going to be challenging because we would have to pay out of pocket but her care is more than worth it, actually worth so much more. Throughout my pregnancy I looked forward to my prenatal appointments. It’s was much different than prenatal care with my first child. Then it was 15 min to cover basics and ask if you have any questions. Beka’s appointments are approximately an hour which allowed time for us to connect- I vented, I cried, I celebrated, I was educated and empowered, I was reassured and most of all I was heard! Nothing was trivial or trite to Beka. She truly provides loving, comprehensive care for her clients and their families. Due to the fact that I went two weeks past my due date Joy and Annie actually attended my birth but they are equally incredible so I still felt the connection and continuity of care was there. This was a circumstance I was well aware of and I’m sure doesn’t happen often as midwives are the hardest working women in the world. My birth was incredible and well supported. It was the polar opposite of a hospital birth. No one has any objective(other than optimal care for mother and baby), there aren’t hospital protocols, completely uninterrupted, simple and comfortable(might not be the best way to describe birth- but familiar?). The period post birth was so natural. The midwives cleaned everything up while my husband and I met our beautiful baby girl. It was so easy and seamless. I would recommend Beka at Joy of Life to anyone planning a family. It’s a gift you can give yourself to really embrace and enjoy your pregnancy while getting the most attentive care possible.




Pagosa Springs Naturopathic Doctor 37When I found out that I was pregnant I was scared to death of the dreadful ‘labor day’. I had always viewed pregnancy and child birth as a medical condition, because our society treats it as such. I planned on having a traditional hospital birth with pain medication. The idea of a natural home birth hadn’t even crossed my mind as a possibility until I spoke with a close friend about her home birth experience with Joy, from Joy of Life Family Medicine. She spoke about child birth in a way that I had never heard before. She described it as beautiful and spoke of our strength as women. I started to realize that pregnancy and childbirth is not a medical condition; it is exactly what the female body was created for! I dove into articles and research on home birth vs. hospital birth and was confronted with amazing facts and testimonies. How could I not give birth to my precious gift from God in the comfort of my own peaceful home? I can’t speak highly enough about our experience with Joy. She was all the advice and support that we needed during the pregnancy and them some for the birth of our son. I was never scared or concerned during my long labor. Joy and her wonderful assistant were great at observing baby and I from a distance and allowing my body to do what it needed. When the time came to push, Joy was encouraging in all the right ways. I gave birth to an incredible baby boy under her care and I’m so grateful for it. She took gentle care of tiny Titus and I in the hours after he was born. My husband, new baby and I shared a beautiful first night together in our home with no interruptions and no strangers. It was nothing less than perfect.



IMG_0292We are so thankful as a family for the services provided by Annie and her birth team. From the very beginning of our journey with her, she empowered and supported me through my transition into motherhood. Her wisdom and knowledge gave me the tools for the amazing experience of our home birth. Through her gentle patience, care and understanding, she allowed the most amazing natural process to unfold with no rush. As a result, my daughter was born in her waters, which I doubt would have been allowed to happen in a hospital setting, and gave us a most magical experience to remember for a lifetime. I know this has led to more appreciation on my behalf of the miracle of motherhood, and a very peaceful child. Most powerfully, the entire process with her has given me the empowerment to not doubt my mothering intuition when caring for my child, which I know will serve me long after our daughter leaves our home. Thank you so much Annie; your care and devotion to your practice is truly invaluable, and we recommend her to anyone who crosses our path pregnant.
-Brewer Family




Susan birth 6Beka Blythe with Joy of Life Midwifery was my midwife for my last pregnancy. After three hospital births and two miscarriages, I knew I wanted a different experience. After meeting with Beka, my husband and I knew we wanted her to be a part of our pregnancy. She took such good care of me – physically and emotionally. After losing two babies, I had a lot of concerns, which Beka met with kindness and understanding that was backed with a vast knowledge of how to care for me and my unborn baby. She helped to make this pregnancy my healthiest yet! When it was time for my daughter to be born, Beka and my husband worked with me through the contractions, monitoring me and the baby. It was the birth I had always hoped for! My postpartum care was exceptional, as well! From placenta encapsulation to breastfeeding support, Beka was there. Her experience, gentle manner and calming presence makes her an excellent midwife – my whole family grew to love her!





When we found out we were pregnant, my husband and I scheduled “meet and greets” with all of the midwives in the area. We happened to meet with Joy first. Both of us fell instantly in love with Joy – her personality, her attitude and her philosophy. We felt so comfortable with her that we cancelled all of our other appointments and have been basking in her great care ever since. Her down to earth and calm demeanor is endlessly reassuring and supportive. We are forever indebted to Joy for the health of our two children and ourselves!
-Mari and Sam



I had the privilege of going through the most amazing journey of growing a human being with Joy of Life Midwifery. Beka Blythe was our midwife, and I can honestly say she made our experience so wonderful. Each month I looked forward to my appointments with her, because I knew she truly cared about me and most importantly my baby.
I’ve never had such amazing medical care in my life. Beka truly provided me with everything that I needed to know about pregnancy, birthing, nursing, and nurturing a baby. Being pregnant was such a blessing, and at the same time really hard. From all day sickness in the beginning months, to hypertension in the last weeks. My heart was set on birthing my child at home, and then my heart was crushed when I found out I needed to transfer care to the hospital. Beka saw the beginning symptoms of pre-eclampsia, and was not going to risk anything bad happening at home. I thank the Lord for her knowledge. She was there for me even though I was no longer able to have a home birth. She was at my side at the hospital (the scariest place in the world for me) holding my hand, and letting me know I soon going to be holding my precious baby boy.
I had my son Forrest ,January 21st, 2015. Beka continued to care for me and my son for six weeks. She was available day and night answering my 100 questions. (I was a handful I’m sure!) Nursing went so smoothly due to her help. I could write 10 pages on how thankful I am for Beka. My husband and I are looking forward to our next pregnancy and birth with Beka. I highly recommend using Beka to all my family, and friends. If you have ever used an OB-GYN, Joy of Life midwifery is nothing like that. Beka and Joy are real, loving, understanding, and there for you! These women believe in the natural process of birth, and empower women to birth a baby without fear.



When my wife suggested giving birth at home, I thought, “NO WAY!” Despite my objections, she did the research and showed me the proven benefits and safety of home birth, so I reluctantly agreed. Now, after experiencing birth at home, I cannot see doing it any other way. The most important benefits of home birth to me were the peaceful environment, the comfort of my wife, unobtrusive care and making our own informed decisions with the guidance of a midwife. In addition, I was amazed by the expertise, professionalism and compassionate care exhibited by Joy Kanevski and her assistants. In the end, I felt safer having Joy deliver this baby at home than I have felt with our three previous hospital births.
-Kevin B.



Joy has been my midwife through two wonderful home births and has also helped me with a constitutional remedy, allergy and dietary concerns, and regular well woman care. Joy always takes the time to really listen to me about my concerns, questions, frustrations and happiness. During my births, she was very supportive; she let me have space when I needed it, protected my space when I needed it, and offered gentle suggestions just when they were most helpful. The constitutional remedy she provided me with has been a great help to my overall health and the allergy and dietary work we have done together has also been very helpful for me. I am always comforted by Joy’s confidence, knowledge, and above all, the passion and joyfulness she has for her work.



From early pregnancy on through post-partum and early breast feeding, I have felt so well informed and cared for by Joy. The information and insight I received from Joy was above and beyond my expectations. And the best part of all was that information was given and the choice was mine on whether to move forward with an option or not – which was so different from my first pregnancy when so many processes were force-fed and expected, but not necessarily needed. Joy showed me how much better the healthcare industry could be if other practices followed her philosophy. I could not be more pleased with my pregnancy care and the birth of my son, and I credit a great deal of that to the exceptional care I received from Joy.



Our experience with Beka at Joy of Life was way above and beyond any of our expectations. Our appointments during pregnancy were always helpful and informative and I could always sense that she cared deeply about me and my baby and our well-being. During the birth she exuded a calming and caring attitude. During moments that were scary for us first-time parents, she never got anxious but was always reassuring and confident in the process. She knew when to calm me down and when to push me a little harder, but always in a nurturing way. She was always very patient and never tried to rush anything. We are so grateful for her and for Joy being at our birth; they were wonderful! They were also great at reassuring my husband during the birth and letting him know that all was well. Beka’s care for us after our baby was born was truly amazing! She was so attentive and caring and in the weeks following the birth she helped us countless times with breastfeeding, baby care, and with my recovery from childbirth. I have never felt so cared for!! We knew that if there was anything we needed, we could count on her to help us and to answer all of our questions, no matter how silly. Beka is everything I could ever want in a midwife; soothing, gentle, confident, knowledgeable and reliable. If we ever have another baby we will of course be asking Beka to be our midwife again!


It is difficult to put into words how much we have appreciated the care we received by Beka, Joy, and Annie at Joy of Life. Having given birth 3 times in the hospital, we began exploring home birth when a friend of ours used Beka as her midwife. The first meeting we had I was immediately put at ease by the knowledge and caring manner Beka and Joy radiate. The prenatal care I received was absolutely stellar. Their office is so comfortable and I always felt they listened and respected my wishes. Never was I rushed or talked into doing something in which I wasn’t comfortable. Our birth experience was by far that best we have had. I truly wish I would have known more about this option for our previous births. Our daughter as born in an atmosphere of calm, familiar comfort. My husband has remarked that what he remembers most is how great it was to be in our own home where we felt comfortable. he also says that I was by far, more calm during this birth because it was not rushed or treated like a medical emergency, but rather just a natural part of life. I highly recommend these ladies as I believe their practice was a huge contributing factor to it being such a special wonderful experience. -Mat and Hilary 

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