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Our intention at Joy of Life is to honor the body’s innate ability to birth babies, breastfeed, and heal itself. We are committed to facilitating the health of families and individuals through kind and compassionate care. With comprehensive education and heartfelt support, families and individuals are enabled to make informed choices throughout pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum.

Joy Frazer started Joy of Life in 2007, offering home birth, lactation consulting, and pediatrics. She especially enjoys walking families through the whole childbearing year and into parenthood.

Joy is passionate about home birth and the empowerment of birthing women and their families. Her mission is to facilitate gentle and normal birth and to improve maternal/child health in this country. She emphasizes the importance of creating a peaceful and loving environment for birth, where mothers and babies are not separated and their bond is protected.

Together, they believe in meeting every family where they are and working together to empower them toward the health they wish to achieve.

Naturopathic Docotor

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