Breastfeeding Workshop!

April 24th, 2013 @ Kid’s Rock 563 Main Ave. Durango. Awesome opportunity for expectant parents! Please tell your friends!

6:00pm until 8:00pm

A Durango Mom’s report of the benefit of Joy’s Breastfeeding Lecture:

“I would encourage all expecting mother’s to attend Joy’s upcoming breastfeeding workshop. I attended her workshop when I was expecting my daughter and Joy’s presentation was enormously helpful. Breastfeeding isn’t complicated when you have the knowledge and tools Joy provides, but I think it would have been surprisingly complicated without the information I learned in her workshop. I was able to start breastfeeding my daughter immediately after she was born because I knew how to help a newborn latch on. If you are concerned about spending the $20 (I am someone who watches every penny), I can assure you that it is well worth the investment. Not only may it save you from needing a more expensive one-on-one consultation later, it will surely save you frustration and worry during your babies first precious moments of life. Plus, Joy is simply delightful and a wonderful teacher with a clear passion for moms and babies.”

~Megan Krischke, Breastfeeding Mother of 9 month old