Welcome baby Cadence Rae!!!

Congratulations Lexis and Adam on the birth of your daughter Cadence Rae!  Cadence made a swift and grand entrance into her parents’ arms.  She almost didn’t wait for her midwife.  Joy, Kassidy and Alyssa were pleasantly surprised to get the call that Lexis’s labor had taken off on the lovely winter day of December 8th.  Lexis and Adam were a little shocked at the unexpected fast labor, but they gracefully sailed through the intensity of labor with the help of their doula.  We were honored to witness this beautiful birth and support Cadence and her parents through this journey.  Watching the family bond and grow in these weeks following the birth has been very special and rewarding.  Our deepest welcome to Cadence Rae.


With love,

The Joy of Life team

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