Welcome Baby Oliver!


Little Oliver made his entrance into this great world back in October. His family was so very patient in waiting for him to come as he held on firmly to “life on the inside” for a full 42 weeks! As many of you know, going past your due date can be challenging for so many reasons. There’s the emotional struggle of being patient for something you’ve been waiting so long for, the physical limitations of being SO pregnant, and of course the pressure, which seems to come from everywhere, to “get the baby out”. Haley showed so much strength in tuning out distractions, fear, and outside pressures, and gave Oliver extra time to make his move.

This was Haley and Joel’s second son, but first home birth, and it was wonderful to see them birth with confidence in the comfort and privacy of their home! I loved seeing this sweet family of four tuck in to their family bed for their first night together. Congratulations Haley, Joel, and big brother Dawson! Welcome Oliver!


With Love,