Welcome Baby Sister Julia!

IMG_1645Amanda is a Joy to care for as she is always smiling, taking life in stride, laughing and seeing the humor in the daily life of being a mother to 6 beautiful children!










Amanda in labor about to push!

It surprised me when Amanda said this labor was the hardest!  After 4 hospital births and 2 home births I didn’t expect that statement.  As sometimes happens with moms that have had several babies, labor can be unpredictable and then can go fast once the baby decides it is time to come!  In labor, Amanda felt the best if she was walking, and she walked quite fast!  This would also help encourage the contractions and being more overdue then she had ever gone, she wanted to encourage more contractions!  So she walked a marathon around her house, and her feet we really hurting by the end of the day!





When it was time, Amanda’s water broke and the her sixth baby was in her arms in a matter of a couple hours.  The whole family was so excited to meet her!

Julia just one minute old

Julia just one minute old

IMG_1593 IMG_1624 IMG_1668

Thank you Amanda for allowing us to care for you during this pregnancy and birth, it was truly an honor!


Joy, Beka and Annie