Welcome to the world Tessa Joy!

We want to offer a very heartfelt congratulations to Susan and Jeremiah on the birth of their daughter Tessa Joy! Born at home, in water on April 5th, 2015 Tessa was welcomed into the loving arms of her parents. The celebration continued as she met her big brother Moses, big sisters Sarah and Hannah and other loving family members and friends.

Susan birth 11


Susan birth 12


Susan birth 10

Susan birth 5


Susan birth 6


Susan and Jeremiah honored the healthy, low-risk pregnancy by choosing a natural birth at home.

We are so grateful to have witnessed Tessa’s beautiful birth, and to have been a part of this journey with such a sweet family!!

Susan birth 8

Susan birth 3


Susan birth 4

Great job Susan! You are so strong!

Susan birth2

Thank you for the privilege of being your midwives!

Susan birth 7



Special thanks goes to Brittany Mirabal at Mirabal Photography for capturing all these amazing moments!