Newborn Spirit


~The Beautiful Newborn~

When babies are born, they enter this world purely and divinely. They speak whether we listen or not, they feel pleasure and pain whether we acknowledge it or not. Birth is a journey that unfortunately isn’t always pleasant or painless. Newborn babies deserve our respect and love. It is worthwhile to linger in the space after birth and acknowledge the newborn that just came into being.

‘Birth is a tidal wave of sensation, surpassing anything we can imagine. A sensory experience so vast we can barely conceive of it.” From Birth Without Violence by Frederick Leboyer.

Recognition of this journey should make us pause to consider our normal schedule of newborn procedures. More attention should be paid to the delicate newborn, especially in the first few hours of life. As parents and providers we have a chance to show love, respect and compassion to those brand new beings that come to and through this world after us. We can be patient in needing to know weight, length and head circumference, and we can show love through the other procedures we perform on the newborn… Even during a first bath.

Enjoy this beautiful video! May it inspire you to love on the baby in your life!