Protecting your heart during pregnancy


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In the midst of all the changes that occur during pregnancy, pregnant people also have to face the onslaught on unsolicited advice, stories, and comments from almost everyone in their lives. While most of this is shared in a manner that is intended to be helpful oftentimes it can have the opposite impact leaving parents-to-be confused, anxious, and sometimes downright scared. During this time, people should feel inspired and confident in their health and their choices, not doubtful and afraid. When we stumbled across an article by a New Zealand mama giving helpful advice to others on how to emotionally protect themselves and redirect unhelpful conversations in pregnancy, we knew we had to share it with our clients and community. From unwanted pregnancy advice to minimizing a parent-to-be’s experience, this post has tips about conquering almost any verbal exchange and protecting your heart in pregnancy. Check out it at the link below. If there’s any additional strategies that worked for you, we would love to hear them.