Welcome sweet baby Dixie Jean!

Congratulations to Kamie and Kenyon on the arrival of their sweet daughter Dixie Jean! Dixie was born gently into her mother’s hands in the comfort and privacy of their bedroom. 

Her arrival on 2/27/17 at 10:37pm was both long awaited and a little unexpected as she showed up a little “early”. Dixie was strong and healthy from the start and continues to thrive enveloped by the love of her parents and her big brother Forrest.

Kamie, you should be so proud of yourself! I hope you carry your birth journeys with you daily to encourage you as a mother and a woman. You are simply amazing. You were so strong through Dixie’s birth and you believed in your body’s ability to bring her gracefully into the world. It was truly a pleasure to witness that rite of passage for you all. 

Kenyon was such a good support in pregnancy, during birth and postpartum too! You guys are a beautiful family and make a great team! 

Thank you for the honor and privilege of being your midwife. I am blessed:)