Welcome baby Emsley Austin!


Congratulations to Hannah and Jake on the birth of their beautiful daughter Emsley Austin! It has been more than a pleasure to accompany Hannah and Jake on their journey to parenthood. They have big open hearts and a great sense of humor, two wonderful qualities for enduring the sometimes rocky road of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Emsley’s birth was beautifully captured by Hannah’s friend and photographer Linnea of Astilbe My Heart Photos.

I would like to acknowledge Hannah’s mother, who bravely birthed Hannah at home at a time when home birth was not as common (or lawful!) as it is now. The stories that we hear surrounding our own birth as we grow up have a huge impact on our thoughts and feelings towards birth, and even our birth outcomes. Hannah grew up with an understanding of birth as a natural process, and confidence that she, as a woman, has the ability and strength to give birth naturally.

Saying goodbye to families after their postpartum care is complete is always bittersweet. I am so proud of Hannah and Jake and all they have accomplished together. All of us at Joy of Life will miss them and their big smiles!

With love,