Welcome Fergus, a man of force!

IMG_5755The team at Joy of Life would like to offer a heartfelt congratulations to Caitlin and Travis on the arrival of their baby boy Fergus. Through the last weeks of pregnancy and the long hours of labor, Caitlin and Travis exuded grace and patience as they trusted Fergus would arrive when he was ready. However, little Fergus was in no hurry to make his arrival and kept us all on our toes until the 11th hour when much to the delight of his parents, he decided it was his day to be born. Although he had decided on the day, Fergus proved he would be be born on his own time and in his own way. After a long night and day of persistence Fergus forcefully burst into this world and into his father’s loving hands. ¬†Caitlin and Travis, it has been an honor getting to know you and watch your family grow. We wish you nothing but joy as you embark on your new journey in parenthood.

With love,

The Joy of Life team


IMG_5771Caitlin and Travis